RGDscience Ltd is a scientific consultancy company that provides drug discovery and medicinal chemistry expertise to all organisations, institutions and individual researchers. We are medicinal chemists with >50 years experience of working in the pharma industry with a high number of peer reviewed high impact publications and patents to draw on.

We advise on many therapeutic areas with up to date project science in all phases of the small molecule drug discovery process (hit-to-lead, lead optimisation and delivery of clinical candidates).

We take pride in our very high quality science built from an excellent track record of solving difficult problems and our internal peer review of all projects.

The aims of RGDscience are to:

  • Provide high quality consultancy to start-ups, biotechs, contract research organisations, pharma, academics, VCs and non-scientific organisations requiring advice.
  • Contribute and guide research projects through academic partnerships with interests in integrin drug discovery.
  • Design and deliver tailored drug discovery and medicinal chemistry courses which incorporate current developments for teaching and training.