RGDscience Ltd is a scientific consultancy company that provides drug discovery and medicinal chemistry advice to all organisations, including pharma, biotechs, start-ups, CROs, academics, non-scientific individuals.

We have >50 years combined experience of working in the pharmaceutical industry and have contributed to and led numerous programmes in the delivery of clinical candidates, been cited as inventors on over 40 patents and published ~120 peer reviewed articles, reviews and book chapters. 

In addition to scientific consultancy and contributing to research projects, we deliver teaching and training modules to undergraduates. 

Areas of expertise:

  • All phases of medicinal chemistry in drug discovery • Numerous target classes • Chemical tools & probes  • Triage strategies • Hit to lead • Lead optimisation • Candidate selections • Clinical compounds.

  • Disease areas • Fibrotic diseases  • Anti-virals • Anti-inflammatories  • Respiratory  • Malaria • Cardiovascular • Neuroscience.

  • Chemistry route planning and synthesis • Large and small molecules • Mono- and multivalent inhibitors • Covalently bound and non-covalently bound inhibitors • Inhibitors of cell surface receptors • Array design • Large and small scale route design.

  • Multiple routes of administration • The inhaled route • The oral route • Long acting parenterals (injection of microparticles).

  • Current medicinal chemistry design principles • Physicochemical properties • Design and visualisation tools • SAR • Iterative medchem.

  • The art of writing papers and publishing

  • Patent analysis and writing

  • Bibliometric analyses

  • Integrin drug discovery

  • Undergraduate teaching modules


A few projects we have contributed to:

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Our recent publications:

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